GHaV part 2 still in progress, and Yuri Jam 2017

Just a quick update to signal that I'm still working on Giving Her a Voice, even if it's been nearly a year.

I did get distracted for a while after last year Yuri Jam, partially for real life reasons, but I've recently resumed work on part 2 and I've been doing slow but steady progress on it. I'm taking a temporary break again, this time to work on other projects. I just released another game titled the Ghost's Drum for Rainbow Jam 2017, made in a little over a week, and the next two months (at most) will be dedicated to Yuri Jam 2017 with another new project: The Wolf's Shepherd, which will be fluffy game about spending an evening with either a vampire or a werewolf. Unlike GHaV, which  was a very last minute and improvised project first made under a deadline of only one month, I've already gone through a proper "pre-production" for TWS, in particular by laying out the narrative structure of the game in advance, and I'm pretty confident that it will not end up as another unfinished project, even more with a two months deadline (I wasn't confident at all last year that GHaV would meet the deadline, so this is a big difference).

After that, it's back to working on GHaV. I have taken basic notes on a bunch of ideas for new Twine games I want to make, but I'm not touching any of those until GHaV is finally done.

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