Spend a cozy evening with one of your queerplatonic partners. Select Chris the vampire for an exploration of (non-sexual) intimacy through magical means, or Suzanne the werewolf for more physical but playful cuddles.

Suzanne can be selected as a sexual partner near the beginning of the game but be aware that this is a purely cosmetic option. It only changes a few sentences and the additional options it reveals in her route are unselectable. While I originally planned to add a sexual path with Suzanne to the game, I have decided to put it aside because I feel like the game already accomplishes its goal, and sex scenes wouldn't particuarly add much to the themes at this point. I also wish to focus my efforts on newer projects, or older ones that do not yet achieve their goal in their current form.

StatusIn development
Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(9 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withTwine
Tagsaromantic, Fantasy, LGBT, polyamorous, queerplatonic, Text based, Twine, Vampire, werewolf, Yuri


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this is so cute! I'm polyamorous and I just loved this

Oh my god, this is so wholesome and cute?? As an aroflux person, I hardly ever see QPP's in media-even in other queer media- so this warmed my heart. Also, the characters?? Chef's kiss, they're both so warm and cuddly! 

This is the best of compliments I could possibly get for this story, so thank you!!


Honestly, this is awesome. I have so many feels and they're pretty much all wonderful. I'd love to see/read about these characters in a novel. I'd love to see this world in a series of novels, if I'm being honest. But these three are just hitting my heart.

Absolutely phenomenal.


omg, thank you, this is the nicest thing ever, so thank you taking the time to comment. I had my doubts writing this game, so I'm glad to see it can resonate. I might do more in the future with the fantasy world I gave a glimpse of in this game, though not immediate future outside of finishing all the variations of Sue's route, as my next projects are going to be more cyberpunk oriented.

In any case, thank you again for playing!